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Massage Budapest

Massage in Budapest with a professional massage therapist

I am developing my massage technique more than 10 years ago. My basic massage is the combination of the Japanese yumeiho and the Swedish massage.
I am excited to be offering a unique style of integrated massage, the hybrid technique of the east and the west, to maximize the many positive effects of the therapy for relaxation and balancing.

I improve our session with therapeutic massage strokes, it depends on physical needs. You will be encouraged to drink extra water in the days following your appointment which can help carry away toxins released from your soft tissues after the massage. Of course mineral water and tea will be provided to you at the appointment.


In an effort to make your first massage with me a positive foundation for a long and rewarding relationship with bodywork, I make the following promises to you:
This web site will be updated with useful information so that you may stay informed and up to date about my practice.
You will never be met with another person at my place.
I keep the massage place and equipment clean, hygiene and cleanliness are important to me.
I will never work when symptoms contraindicated by massage are present.
Together we can design your session to honor the uniqueness of your being, including the focus of the session, the style of bodywork to employ, depth of the massage (do you like a light touch or more deep bodywork?), and any other special needs you may have.


Massage Budapest


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